What Type of Slot Player Should You Be in 2022?



What Type of Slot Player Should You Be in 2022?


What Type of Slot Player Should You Be in 2022?

Slots are a wonderful, lucrative way to waste time. From the cautious low-risk player who only puts money on their favourite machine and doesn’t want any distractions during playtime to those betting big in the hope of winning it big – there’s something for everyone! And if you’re still unsure what type of slots enthusiast suits your personality best? Here is an easy guide.

Zen Master

Zen masters are the most patient players in poker. They know ahead of time how much money they’ll drop if something goes wrong, so instead, it’s all set up with limits and then once you get close enough to your exit point -that means after about 5 seconds- every machine will start cashing out at different amounts until someone wins or runs dry on coins While other gamblers may play till their last dime gets spent; These people merely keep spinning reels until finally reaching what was desired, whether its victory through defeat.

Can’t Stop The Feeling

These players are adrenaline junkies, always on the hunt for that big win. They’re not afraid of losing because they know there’s no going back once you’re hooked! These thrill seekers also like to play with an intention before sticking rigidly to set limits or quitting altogether when things get too real. The Zen masters opposite these wildcards rely more on than most people do, playing instinctually, taking shots based on pure intuition, feeling if something good was about to happen soon, just keep spinning, then finally bam on.

The Quiet Hobbyist

When they’re not working or dealing with life stress, these people find enjoyment in playing slot machines. They enjoy the distractions of 3D graphics and euphoric soundtracks that make them feel happy while alone at home on a lazy day – a bonus if you win!

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Solitary Slots

This player is different than the typical kind who plays as a hobby. Instead of using it for relaxation, this person uses their computer time to be alone from society and immerse themselves in an online world where they can avoid any social interactions that might occur while playing bingo or poker with other people on sites like Facebook. The slot machine allows you some much-needed privacy if winning becomes inevitable, which also gives players more freedom when spending money after finally gaining access, thanks again anonymous funding sources such as gambling credit cards.

The Professional

Slot machines are automated games that allow for quick transactions. The professionals have deep pockets and a lot of time to dedicate themselves, making them effective at turning profits on slots daily without fail! They’re like those brick-and-mortar casinos in your town – you know who they are? Those guys with all the coins under their seats are waiting until someone comes by asking if there’s anything new worth playing… Well, these pros do the same thing but instead pay people while sitting around watching graphics go across the screen after bet slips fall through slot openings.

Very Superstitious

Those who believe in luck may find themselves here. Casinos are full of superstitious behaviour called forth to cast good vibes on a wager, from betting specific colours at roulette or kissing dice during games like craps – all with the hopes that you’ll be prosperous! Slot players also have their personalities: they only play certain machines and if bad energy comes up while spinning them, then shift over, so it doesn’t linger too long before moving on to another. If you carry around a penny, for instance, that has been blessed by being deemed “lucky”, this could describe you well.



The machines, like the players themselves, are not without superstition. Some will move from one game to another until they find what’s right for them – but unlike most who settle down wherever there happens to be an available machine at any given time (or even specific ones), these people follow suit by deeming certain slots too hot or cold based on how their Random Number Generator has been running lately; if things have been “on point” then it seems likely that particular gaming space could provide some luck with large payouts!

The Watchmen

Jackpots are always a big deal in any casino, but what happens when you’re waiting for that one machine where someone has just payout? In brick-and-mortar casinos these days, it’s easy enough to spot an upright citizen walking around with their hand out, trying desperately not to be noticed by anyone else playing on the slots. Online though… things can get tricky fast! With progressive jackpot slots, some watch how high each game pays before they decide whether or not this will trigger them into betting more money than usual – meaning sometimes players might have large amounts wagered within seconds of hitting certain levels while other times nothing at all.

One More Time

Players in this category often tell themselves they will only play one more time or have a little bit more spin, but then continue betting. They might do so because of their long losing streak and wish for strict rules around when it is appropriate to stop playing slots altogether as well; setting up timers can help with that, too!