Crystal Queen Slot Review | Free Spins | Strategies | RTP

Crystal Queen Slot Review | Free Spins | Strategies | RTP

Quickspin’s Crystal Queen is an online slot with 56 pay lines, 6 rows and 5 reels. The colourful graphics bring winter tales to life as players watch their fate be decided by spinning the wheel of fortune on these poles that rise before them in the frozen ground covered with snow-covered branches.

For the best of both worlds, choose Crystal Queen! This slot machine offers a variety between different types and styles. For example, it has 6 rows for those who prefer more total bets on one line at once or an even number. Some paylines can give you bonuses when three scatters are matched, which means your chance increases by 2x if only 1 payline has been reached as usual during the game.

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There are a large number of online slots sites available, and some of these sites are superior to others. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of these best online casino Canada platforms that have been checked and double checked by our team. Each one is totally licensed and safe to play, and on each website, you will see showcased their most popular slot machines in addition to other kinds of online slot games that are available.

Maximize your winnings with two types of iconic wilds

Crystal Queen Slot

The Crystal Queen’s wildlife is powerful and unpredictable, making her one of the best options. Next time you play with this strategy, try slots with layout or regular ertonization to maximize your chances of winning big money!

Of course a strategy for the game is important, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some savvy tax-efficient investment strategies.

This will make it so that you can only use the scatter and not any other icons.

The regular wild symbol is an image engraved in gold on a wood background. It replaces every other icon except for the scatter and expanding wilds, which are always the original images created especially for this game by us at Bovada Gaming!

Crystal Queen by Quickspin is one of the most impressive video slots on YouTube. Its high-quality production, great graphics and sound design make this process truly exciting, and you will feel like an absolute champion in turn!

In this slot, the scatter symbol is an elegant red ruby ​​placed over flames that shimmer like gold. Landing 3 or more scatters will award you 6 rows and 10 free spins with a special bonus for landing all 14 paylines during your round!

Why play Crystal Queen

  • Get a 5x multiplier
  • You get additional winning combinations when you activate the floating reels.
  • Presence of numerous fixed paylines that will bring you bigger winnings

Bonus modes

The free spins feature is great for winning extra coins without landing on special symbols. You can increase your stake up to 800 times if you win three times in a row in this game! Canadian Society for Reviewers likes the bonus modes.

Swing Reels Function

The floating reels can advance wins to the next level, just like the multipliers in other slot machines. All winning combinations activate this feature, and it thins out the top rows, and when you click on one of them, their respective icons scatter, creating an opportunity for new symbols to replace them, which is necessary when playing at higher levels when the screen is simultaneously showing more lines, which makes it harder, but also richer!

Starting from the top, each row promises additional paylines as follows:

  • 1st successful win combination grants a 2x multiplier and a 4th row leading to 32 paylines.
  • 2nd consecutive win melts the 3x multiplier and the 5th line, resulting in 44 paylines
  • The 3rd win reveal multiplier is multiplied by 5, and the 6th row results in 56 paylines.

Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins Package unlocks all reels and paylines, even if the first three are frozen.

To get free spins, check out the bonus scatter symbols that are the triggers. The ruby ​​is the scatter of this round, and you must land 3 or more times to activate it! If you succeed in this feat, 10 extra moves are awarded – all more than the original prize amount (up to 100). It won’t be easy because both ways are rewarding, so don’t miss the opportunity to turn them into something extraordinary.

Play Crystal Queen on mobile

The game is also available on smartphones! You can play the mobile version anywhere with a superb overview of all the features.

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Simple game

Crystal Queen can be played with just one click, making it an easy game for beginners. You decide how much to bet and when you want more spins – all within reason! If things go well, the 6250 will seem like nothing compared to what lies ahead if this streak of luck continues long enough.

With innovative gameplay and breathtaking graphics, Crystal Queen promises to be one of the most exciting games you’ll ever play.